Mulberry Millie Quilting Frames

A wonderful way to baste your quilts.

Product Safety Statement

Mulberry MillieĀ® Upright Quilt Basting Frame

Product Safety Statement:

Assembly and dis-assembly to be conducted by competent adults only.
Exercise due care during assembly, use, dismantling and storage, and ensure that children and infirm persons are kept well clear.
Assemble, use, dismantle and store the frame in accordance with the instructions provided herein.
Those persons using the frame must familiarise themselves with the position of the horizontal bar designated “E” against the body. Due to variations in the height of different individuals, care must be taken during use to ensure that the loss of balance does not occur, in particular if standing inside the frame.
Do not use the assembled frame or any individual components for purposes other than that intended by the manufacture, as documented in the instructions provided herein.
Do not climb on, lean on, swing on or pull on, or participate in any similar activity on the assembled frame or components or allow any person to do so.
This product is only intended for use as a frame for pinning together three layers of material for quilt making, using as a quilt design wall and/or for hanging completed quilts for display purposes. No additional loads are to be exerted on the assembled frame or individual frame components, other than as described in the instructions provided herein.
This product is to be used indoors, out of direct sunlight and not exposed to the weather.
This product is not a toy. Do not leave children unsupervised with frame or frame components at any time and store the frame securely out of reach before, during and after use.
Store the frame in a safe and secure manner; in a location such that it does not become a tripping point or otherwise hazardous and is away from children and infirm persons.
Proprietary Materials Notice:
The Purchaser and/or any other End User of the Mulberry MillieĀ® Upright Quilt Basting Frame (“the Product”) acknowledges that all designs, materials of construction, methods of assembly and all other know-how associated with the Product, including any modifications or improvements thereto (collectively referred to as the “Intellectual Property”) is proprietary to Ann Crosse trading as Ann Crosse Fabric Creations.
The Purchaser and/or any other End User are advised that Australian Innovation Patent number 2010100030 protects the Product and the associated Intellectual Property.
International Patents Pending.