Mulberry Millie Quilting Frames

A wonderful way to baste your quilts.

The Ellie.

Mulberry Millie™ Upright Quilt Basting Frame
Basic frame size ~170cm High x 160cm Wide x 55cm Deep.
The Extension increases the width by 100cm.
NB the Pattern instructions have the USA measurements.
Please note the Aluminium supplied in or from Australia will be for a frame measuring ~170cmH x 160cmW x 55cmD.
Benefits of this system:
Reduces bending, stretching and kneeling.
Easily assembled, moved, dismantled and stored (space permitting)
Two quilts can be assembled on the frame by utilizing both sides of the frame.
Quilts of smaller sizes can be assembled utilizing the “variable fabric window”. Larger quilts can be done in stages.
The lower horizontal bar can be moved to accommodate a slightly larger quilt.
Uses less floor space than when assembling quilt layers on a table or on the floor.
Use the frame to display or take photos of your quilt/quilts.
Add some flannelette/felt/batting to make a Design Wall!

Please note that some of the connectors may initially be firm to connect/disconnect.
This firmness will ease over time, in the meanwhile a rubber mallet can be used to make the process easier.