Mulberry Millie Quilting Frames

A wonderful way to baste your quilts.

The Ellie Pattern.

The Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame Ellie Pattern.
The purchase of this Pattern includes both the basic Ellie and Extension Patterns.
Ann Crosse trading as Ann Crosse Fabric Creations, Queensland, Australia, has developed the Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame.
The Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame is a Trademarked and Patented product. It is the Intellectual Property of Ann Crosse, who has spent a number of years developing and perfecting the methodology behind this innovative Quilt Basting Technique.
This Pattern has been developed because of the difficulties in trying to have the frame manufactured anywhere other than Australia or the USA. The price of International freight is a cost that has no value to the majority of potential customers and therefore in a attempt to minimize the cost to them this pattern is offered for sale.
The purchase of this pattern allows the purchaser to make one individual Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame for personal use.
This personal use includes the use of that one frame in a Quilting Group setting.
Once the Pattern is purchased Ann can give the purchaser contact details for an Aluminium supplier in Australia, the USA or one in England or you are free to source your own materials, the purchaser must ensure the materials purchased are fit for the purpose intended, and assemble, use, transport, etc. the frame safely.
The pattern Kit includes: a pattern booklet that includes the basic Ellie frame and the Extension, a Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame instruction manual, an Extension leaflet, a paper pattern for the Fabric Pinning Panels for both the frame and extension, a serial numbered Mulberry Millie sticker and invoice with the frame’s serial number noted.

Once a frame is made it is to be labelled with the serial numbered Mulberry Millie sticker and the pattern kit is to stay with the frame as proof of the purchase of the authority.

The Pattern purchase does not in any way authorise the purchaser to make this pattern or frame available commercially.
This Pattern is Copyrighted and is not to be reproduced, distributed, posted, published or shared in any form without written approval by Ann Crosse.

Mulberry Millieā„¢ Upright Quilt Basting Frame
Basic frame size ~170cm High x 160cm Wide x 60cm Deep.
Made in USA size ~67″ High x 63″ Wide x 24″ Deep.
The Extension increases the width by 100cm ~39″.
NB the Pattern instructions have the USA measurements.
Please note the Aluminium supplied in or from Australia will be for a frame measuring ~170cmH x 160cmW x 55cmD.